The Voyage of the Velvet Starship

The Voyage of the Velvet Starship
The Voyage of the Velvet Starship

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I had a terrific time in Palm Desert, Ca.  It was a blast.  Met so many people.  The Cancer Auction went well as well.  Met many patrons and collectors of my work.  Even met the gentleman that had bought my two paintings called "The Golden Light over Silverton".  He was from the mid-west and such a nice guy, humble, and was so excited to meet me after all this time.  He said he flew in especially for the Show.  It was nice to hear all the stories connected to the Art work they had purchased.  When you think that I have sold over 150 paintings, mostly over 4x5 ft., in the past 7 years it hard to believe. It amazes me how much of my work is out there and how much it is appreciated.  I met these two gentlemen from one of the Country Clubs nearby and they had never seen my work.  They could not belief how much the texture enhanced the picture.  I hope to see them again!
The desert still gives me goose bumps every time I go there. The flowers and landscape is so primitive yet so rugged.  The smells from the creosote trees are amazing as well.  Palm Desert is like a bowl of ripe tomatoes with white buffalo cheese surrounded by the ever present rust chocolate molasses mountains!  As you look at these mountains they go back and back and back forever.  So sublime!

Had some great times with my Uncle Mike playing golf as well.  Hope to continue to go back there for years to come.  Take care everyone, Michael

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