The Voyage of the Velvet Starship

The Voyage of the Velvet Starship
The Voyage of the Velvet Starship

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Road less traveled!

There are so many mysteries of life.  Too many to try and figure out.  We are all given talents from God.  It is how we use them that counts.  I ask for your grace dear Father, that I can except the things I can't change and work towards moving and allowing others to walk their path of hope and change.  Grant others in my life the peace and  understanding that only You can give. Whisper your will to them and protect them from any harm or deception.  You are a protector of all.  Please help us walk this road in harmony and open witness to your love and will! Sometimes my pride and blind spots get in the way of truly loving and being the man you want me to be.  I say this because my strength as an artist lies in your revelation  and instruction of my life.  How can I paint the picture deep inside if I am at war with the man you made me to be?  Please guide and protect that inner child of  wonder and divine insight.  Let it be so that I might be all that you want me to be and create! Bless the color and texture and words of touch that reveal your Spirit of Love.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Long and winding road!

 I have been so blessed to have been working on a project for the last several months.  Truly a miracle.  God is at work on my behalf.  This I know.  Understanding all of the why's and wherefore"s is beyond my comprehension.  I have been working on several smaller pieces at the studio.  Whenever I am here and start working, it is like I am HOME!  Things fit. They come together.  And I feel a magical touch of inspiration and a touch from the HOLY ONE.  No doubt he created it before I even thought of it.  I am just trying to catch up with the revelation at hand.  Blessed to be at work this day shortly before my birthday come Monday.  Lord guide and protect my imagination and the words and colors of my heart.  Let it say what you want.  Let it be a testimony to your glory and creation.  let it say more than what is before the viewer.  let it be a journal of the heart and mind.  Let people identify with the content and mystery surrounding the craft. 
Thanks for helping me grow this summer in character and resolve.
God be praised.  More later, Michael

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Joy of Life

So, It has been awhile, but a short note!  I have been in the process of moving and collaborating with my students on their MA programs.  Also, I have been working on a large project downtown.  Been too busy.
Was invited to the Florence Biennale for this year, however I passed to the foreign exchange rate and overall cost of the venture.  Would have been nice.  No problem though.  There will be another time.
Work has been going well and I am trying to squeeze in time for my own work plus teaching.  A balancing act.  Proud to know that Dan Beck down the hall from me just won national honors on one of his paintings with a great check to go along with it.  The man never stops.  His car is parked in front all the time.

Not much more right now.  One thing, go see Tree of Life, a powerful film, produced by Brad Pitt.  Live and death, rebirth, and the spiritual connection between us as humans and this planet.  Very cool!

Looking forward to more summer trips to the mountains.  Went to St. Mary's glacier the other day in my Miata, what a blast.  SO!!!!! incredibly beautiful.  Fills the senses.  What  a beautiful state we live in.  God bless! Michael

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love is a many splendered thing! Sunday 4/9/11

I have seen you in the mountains of earth and coal
I have known you from the singing of the happy whippoorwill sitting on my post
I know your voice in the wind and the sweet kiss of wine on your lips
I feel your heart beating against mine
You are that essence of        innocence and erotic tenderness       no man can resist
Wishing for completeness in the dirt and depth of your soul
Yet fighting the growth of fear to believe she is herself a passenger
on a rough sea stuck    weathered    tossed    and formed by the sea and earth below
She will struggle and live a full and complete live as the sirens call our for redemption,  knowing that
perfect love casts out fear and     fear      is the enemy of growth and happiness
let their song be gone from you
Your arms will catch her as she stands up in that twisted vessel
For Love's song must be found in     you first     so you may love another
I see her now free from the things that nail her wounded and sick from her past     Don't hold back dear one  


if chosen in the deep and weathered boat     set sail    stand with arms outstretched      sails      lifted high
with sorrow and gratitude a woman of profound dimension finding her dreams come true
Wet dreams and confusion     hope     but you will be OK
as a bird of coal set free to sing the love song of meaning and life sustaining vision of the muddy water that held you back from the earth your friend
Walk proud and humble before your God       for He has made a life for you and you will find the song deep within you
in the chains that bind you. Spread your wings and fly
and be free!

Lay down my love beside the babbling brook and listen

Freedom is at hand!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Life in the fast lane

Today was a wonderful day.  Played golf with my father at 85 years old.  Man, I hope I can walk when I am that age.  what a short game he still has.  Played with a couple of nice guys.  Golf is such a rich experience. Value in all that you breath in and feel.  Maybe the reason I love golf so much is it slows down my crazy life for a few hours.  I don't know.  But, the sense of peace and excitement I feel when I step on the first tee, I don't know just so hard to explain.  A thrill..  That is it.  What will happen today.  Despite some injury and letdown in my own life today,    I knew it was coming,     I went for it.  What gives you the strength to carry on?  Is it another glass of wine or another piece of  creme brulee?  I find myself in the fast lane too much.  Always it seems taking on much more and having so much to do.  Balls floating in the air.  Hundred projects possible?  Do they all come in or none at all. SLOW DOWN AND BREATH.  The mountain air.  Nocci's little purrs and sihys.  All the tender, and heart opening gifts from the giver of life and art.  Help us to open ourselves up, to quiet down the     race of time      and all it's obligations. Like walking down the green slopes of the mountains above Assisi stick in hand,  meandering and stopping  and catching the wind through the trees and      knowing God was with us every step of the way        and we did not have to change lanes or stop for any one.  We were free    above the clouds    into the clouds, of the Holy city, throwing buckets of paint in the air!.  God bless!

Friday, April 1, 2011

I feel the voice of the wind whispering and howling through the pines!

Today is Friday and I just got back from the mountains in all of its glory. Looking at a beautiful home with incredible potential and serenity..... So incredible to be so close to the wind high up   touching the clouds    with birds swooping and rocketing into the air.  In the past several days a word and phrase has been swallowing me up in every step I take.  They say when God speaks to you He starts with a whisper and finally if you are away He starts to yell.  God is patient with all of us, because He loves us I suspect.  Certainly I know I don't deserve his attention.  There is a scripture that says from Romans that "Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God     and a another     from Ephesians Don't walk in the vanity of your mind, with your understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in the world, because of the blindness of their heart".  So, who is this NEW MAN and NEW MIND He speaks of?  Growth, Freedom, Lack of fear, Letting go of old injuries like car wrecks, Trust, Loving when it is difficult, Jumping off the ledge deep into the turquoise water deep and healing?  I want to fly with my art and my purpose driven life.  Trust in the Holy One.  Ground yourself         in the wet clay     feeling his strength and purpose.  All things have a season and a purpose.  I know one thing is for sure, I want to keep my hands in paint no matter what and for whatever purpose it may bring because I know in "my gut" that I am serving Him when I do and I soar with eagles wings diving and allowing the wind to carry my heart and soul to freedom and comfort. Please oh God help me to trust in you, don't let me look down and fall into the deep waters without your support.  Give me a new mind that I may create and allow my life to soar and live with unquestionable belief that      you will always be there       unconditionally my Love and Songbird above the howling winds of this world.  If there is a blind spot, please show me and give me the grace to see it and follow its power and reclaim my innocence. Help me to know your will.  Have a great weekend Grace, L, C, and my fellow hawks singing a song of praise as we glide free above the troubles of this world!

Monday, March 21, 2011


It amazes me that music in all its forms brings life to the listener.  It also amazes me that each one of us has a very unique voice.  Our voice, not like any one else.  Have you ever though how amazing that is?  How unique and wonderful of a creation we all are.  That we sing but not like any one else! That God in his touch made each one of us different.  How can anyone not believe in God?  When you look at the universe there is nothing like the earth, nothing!  How can that be? The miracle of music, the inspiration to create.  Chopin, Mozart, The Beatles, Dvorak, Rachmaninoff, Debussy, BB King, and all other music wonders.  Where did they get these melodies?  Did they create them?  I believe they were given these through their hearts and minds by a spark, a spark and flame, of fire burning bright and notes in the air and words in their fingers and gifts from God!  Peace, love...have a great week, Michael

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A crazy day

Well today was a roller coaster ride!  More things going on then I could have imagined.  C was running errands, picking up sample boards, proofs of photos.  JJ was working on 11 entries into show across the world with continual problems with the simple tech device.  Each show has specific numbers and qualification, size restrictions, artist comments, etc.  All part of the process though. Very interesting and exciting.  We will see where he goes with all of this and then I can critique and add as necessary after we get the initial work done.
Completed a surface at a client's house yesterday.  A complex combing with a colored and fragile overglaze.  Turned out very exotic in reds, sap green, and  black.  Looks like a fabric or tilled up earth.  Feel like you want to put your hands on it and feel the texture!
Started S painting today, cut the edges and primed and painted it.  Ready for the image soon.  I will update the process as I go along.  It is talking to me at this point.  I have an idea or several but nothing in stone so far.  It will hit me I know it and then I can move forward.  There is truth in every line and every surface.  It has a mind of its own.  We just need to tap into its heart to make it sing.
Singing tonight, choir practice!  What a blessing.  J makes it so much fun and uplifting. I really feel God's presence there.  How He must delight in all of us horsing around and trying as best we can to learn the music.  Something different every week.  Soulful hymns and dramatic backdrops.  You really get caught up in it.  Singing bass with a three octave range.  Tuff to get to low C.  Some phrases are so lyrical they take my breath away.  I feel so much like crying for joy.  Such liberation of the Spirit within us.  God bless!

The beginning of a new era of thought and work in my search for God's will!

Saturday, March 12th, a beautiful day here in Colorado.  Was scheduled to play golf, but to much wind!  Going to spend the day with Carrie, my new love and friend!  Eron Johnson art, work at the studio. Visit antique shops for a project.  Getting ready for a commission piece for Stephanie.  She say she is still a "Hill" even though she has a different last name now.  wants something mysterious, monochromatic, and enchanting.  No problem!  Will come up with a few ideas, and send them to her with a limited palette and will let it fly.
Need to pick up my sweet Miata convertible with only 40,000 miles on it a 93!  Having problems with this car for almost a year.  Got it solved though.  Can't wait to drive it once again.  So much to fix.  Madness.
The state of art at this point is very difficult.  Returning from my yearly one man show in Palm Desert, Ca., there were signs of life but slow going.  Worked my tail off and spent 1000's of dollars on these paintings.  At this point I don't care what I do as long as I can make some money, construction, faux, driving a bus, teaching.  Whatever it takes.  No matter what.  Art will sell but it will take some time.  So sad, people dropping like flies.  So much talent wasted.  So much for that "hope and change" bologna promised by an arrogant and incredibly self absorbed individual!
God willing the partnership of freedom and bliss of the creative spirit will rage forth in the coming months.  I look forward to this. To once again be caught up in the Light and partnership with my Lord.  Let me be the brush and knife that cuts through the layers and strata of our life's to reveal the truth hidden down deep within us. Painting that picture deep inside. So much joy and fulfillment. It felt like a vocation and mission.  Sad that the right brained artistic crowd has to struggle with money and making a living.  We are the poets of this age.  God has revealed in us his future and road less traveled.
Please be patient with me as I learn this new technology.  I will figure it out.
Cool possible plans on the horizon on several fronts M in Seattle, L in the desert, and several other possible commission pieces/wall surfaces in Denver.  Keep pushing and never give up (more on this later).
Be courageous and fight the good fight, let your light shine forth, and pray that God will send angels to loosen the hearts and minds of men able to afford and appreciate good art and send them forth to bless the artists of this day. I pray for the strangle hold of fear to leave this country so that people can once again feel they can work and live and make a living.  Be positive! God bless.  Michael

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


A quick note!  Something has been going on in the Universe.  I can sense the opening of the Heavens.  Let the Light shine forth in the deepest of tragedy and confusion.   Angels, and the Holy Spirit at work.  "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, but, ecknowledge Him in all your ways and He will direct your path".  God has a plan.  We may not know what it is but He does and we need to trust Him.  Let your guts rise up to your skin and let that spark of indwelling creativity puncture through our hard cores and reveal itself in our work.  "The very stones will cry out" from the scripture.  God is present.  Have a blessed day. Michael