The Voyage of the Velvet Starship

The Voyage of the Velvet Starship
The Voyage of the Velvet Starship

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This joy of the new spring in the heat of the desert!

So, it has been awhile and just wanted to catch up a bit on my life and Art!  Reality has been ever present and I have learned that know one is coming to put all of this together.  So, some tough decision have been made concerning my next chapter in this life.
I am starting three projects in Palm Desert in August 2013!  Very excited about this!  Major opportunities and colorfield  painting and plaster work galore.  There will also be several painting I will be doing, so I will keep you posted!  I will be working in two CC areas in La Quinta at the Hideaway and The Tradition.  Such unimaginable beauty, I can't tell you.
My brother and I will be doing this with the help of several locals there.  It will be hot at around 110 or so, but we will get used to it!
We are staying at PGA West close to the job site, which will be nice.
I always love returning to the desert, it holds a magic spell over me in so many ways.  I love the smell of the flowers and bushes and the sound of water everpresent.  There is this contrast of dark oxidized iron rocks to soft petals and streaming water and foliage everywhere, with fruit trees ever where you look.  So I am always so awe struck by this raw beauty.
At present my life has been so busy that my social life has not kept pace with my business life.  Hoping that God as a matchmaker will bring a wonderful and caring woman into my life.  Living and sharing your life with a partner make life so much easier.  I long for that day.
The Art has been going well and I will say this, one thing I have discovered is that if my work can be of incredible service and help for my clients, that is what I want!  To make this world more beautiful in there eyes makes my day.  Thanks Wendy for your encouragement and your sweet smile every day. It was wonderful to help you achieve that special look.  God's grace abound in your life.
Ciao Ciao for now.  Hope all of you find that special place within you that keeps you happy and productive.  God bless, Michael (signing off for now)

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