The Voyage of the Velvet Starship

The Voyage of the Velvet Starship
The Voyage of the Velvet Starship

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Autumn 2012

Today is Saturday the 13th of Nov.  Time flies doesn't it?  I am in the process of moving my Studio to my house, which I am very excited about.  It will give me so much more room.  Nocci and I will be together most of the time and hope to get a great rhythm going.  Working on a large piece now but have been tied up with this move for the past couple of weeks.  Work coming up in from California soon.  Nice to visit, work hard, make some money in the sun, and see all the beauty that is ever present in the desert.  This time of year the trees start blooming.  So cool.  The smells of the annuals are so intoxicating. Oh, just takes my breath away.
Life has been interesting lately and I find myself at odds with myself in terms of direction and planning for the future.  A big part of me would move to Palm Desert, yet I have family here.  I can't stand the cold and the winters in Denver.  So God willing I will be in the desert in the winter months.
I find myself yearning for a touch from the Holy One! A spark of revelation or knowing.  Do you know what I mean.  Something to hold fast the rising water of doubt and indecision in my soul.  Art is my soul and my peace of mind.  I want to paint like a mad man.  I have so many paintings lined up in my head.  When to have the time? There is some reluctance to work at this pace.  I pray that I will find a "resting place" and contentment deep within me.  I need this to have solice and completeness in my work and in my thinking.  Hope all of you have an awesome Autumn.  So beautiful here.  God Bless, Michael

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