The Voyage of the Velvet Starship

The Voyage of the Velvet Starship
The Voyage of the Velvet Starship

Saturday, January 28, 2012

What is happening?

Hey everyone, looks like another beautiful day in Colorado. I am furiously working toward a one man show in Palm Desert in April.  Have a few things on the wall, that I am working on.  Mostly gold leaf pieces, but I am still so intrigued with landscape.  God knew what He was doing creating the earth.  When you look around there is so much there!!!!!  Don't you think.  I mean really look.  It is like your eyes have been opened up.  For me it is this revelation that deep within its normalcy is this power of life, color, and meaning.  Are you following me? Like a meandering stream, that has been there for hundred of years.  What a story it tells.  I want to lay in the grassy meadow and look up in the sky in silence, hearing the rustling of the wind, the birds singing, the brook moving and splashing nearby, and if I am lucky, maybe that small silent voice of God.  Be at peace my son, for I will never leave you or forsake you! I want to be able to transform this revelation into the work at hand!  The picture deep inside!  Wow!  Peace everyone.  Have a great weekend.  Michael

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Voice of Action and Happiness

Today I feel so blessed.  So thankful for my family and my friends.  God has brought so many wonderful people into my life.  I pray that I will always have an open mind to their opinions and inevitable difference.  What a great thing that we are all made in God's image.  It is the glue that holds us together, despite our differences.
But onto the work.  I have been involved in helping some folks with projects in Los Angeles, Evergreen, and the Polo Club.  All terrific people and great to work for.  I did have the opportunity to work for Sly Stallone in Beverly Park.  What an amazing house.  I will attach some photos of small areas in the house that we did.  We have been working also for a super talented designer from Palm Desert in Evergreen, doing impact walls throughout their house.  Again, photos when we get close to the finish on this one.  The project in town was built on a project we did 12 years ago.  Some new work and touch up of existing walls.  Amazing that the finishes held up that long.  The one thing I can say is that I know from my heart that God made me to paint.  It is in my heart, my hands, my mind.  Completely filled with wonder and excitement about what is next.  I do one and another is right there.  My Holy Father guides me and directs my brush for his Glory!
I have been working on two pieces one in gold leaf and the other in a butterscotch gold color.  The golf leaf painting had almost a tribal emotional feel to it.  Bands of color over oil pastels.  New techniques!!! And the cool part is that I am getting to use some of my pressed and dried flowers from my yard.  So much fun.  So much beauty.  I could do this all day.  Loose track of the time and day.  Photos to come.
The other piece is a golden field with horses in the long grass looking out at the viewer.  They are caught up in the light of heaven in this golden field.  There are hilltowns and small villages on the treetops that overhang the field.  Topiary borders the stream that runs through the field.  Peace and contentment!  I hope people get that sense.
I also just completed a large piece that will be displayed at Bobbi Walker Fine Art that is called Lover's Moons over Sienna.  An angelic and scenic look at the fields, vineyards, trees and houses that border that magical town in Tuscany.  Look for photos to come.  I have recently gone back to some of my roots in terms of technique, and I am excited about the results.  Very raw and colorful.  Hope you like them.  God bless and keep smiling!  Michael