The Voyage of the Velvet Starship

The Voyage of the Velvet Starship
The Voyage of the Velvet Starship

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love is a many splendered thing! Sunday 4/9/11

I have seen you in the mountains of earth and coal
I have known you from the singing of the happy whippoorwill sitting on my post
I know your voice in the wind and the sweet kiss of wine on your lips
I feel your heart beating against mine
You are that essence of        innocence and erotic tenderness       no man can resist
Wishing for completeness in the dirt and depth of your soul
Yet fighting the growth of fear to believe she is herself a passenger
on a rough sea stuck    weathered    tossed    and formed by the sea and earth below
She will struggle and live a full and complete live as the sirens call our for redemption,  knowing that
perfect love casts out fear and     fear      is the enemy of growth and happiness
let their song be gone from you
Your arms will catch her as she stands up in that twisted vessel
For Love's song must be found in     you first     so you may love another
I see her now free from the things that nail her wounded and sick from her past     Don't hold back dear one  


if chosen in the deep and weathered boat     set sail    stand with arms outstretched      sails      lifted high
with sorrow and gratitude a woman of profound dimension finding her dreams come true
Wet dreams and confusion     hope     but you will be OK
as a bird of coal set free to sing the love song of meaning and life sustaining vision of the muddy water that held you back from the earth your friend
Walk proud and humble before your God       for He has made a life for you and you will find the song deep within you
in the chains that bind you. Spread your wings and fly
and be free!

Lay down my love beside the babbling brook and listen

Freedom is at hand!

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